Welcome to People! Awesome People!

Hi my name is Steve and this is my absolute first time I’ve ever done anything online where I put myself out there like this. I’m making it a happen to reach out to more people online and this is my way of doing it. What better way to reach out to people than to may a blog about the amazing people that are in this world. Two many times, we are stuck watching the news and see all the negative things people do on a daily basis. Let’s try to switch that around. Let’s start spreading the word about all the amazing people that are out there. So many great people do good deeds and make great gestures through out the day. Both famous and ordinary every day people are changing the world with the thoughtful and wonderful things they do everyday. Let’s spread the word and make it a normal thing to witness. Let’s make love and positive and good will the norm. This may be an uphill battle, but with everyone pitching in, we’ll be making a difference in no time. Like Big Sean says in one of his songs, “One man can change the world.” And that’s the ultimate goal of my site. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful things people do everyday as much as I will. I look forward to seeing what you think.


Talk soon,