Why This Domain?

So I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why I chose apartmentsinbangkok.net as the name of my website/blog. The randomness of the Internet is something I find amusing at times. It’s what makes you chuckle and shake your head as your looking at a random meme or watching a pointless video. It’s arbitrary and has not point, but it’s still funny and entertaining. I took this methodology and used it to build something very significant and deliberate. Let’s take a look at the keywords in my domain name.




Bangkok, Thailand is a very large dynamic city. With a population of 6 million people, there’s definitely a lot of people to meet in Bangkok. I’ve seen plenty of movies of how intense and chaotic the city gets. I’m sure you get a lot of captivating¬†experiences by walking through the main street where all the markets and vendors are holding up shop. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Bangkok and see what it has to offer. It just seems like such a vast city full of life and culture. I want to see what that looks like in person. So Bangkok is what I chose.




When living in an apartment complex, you get all types of people living right across the hall from you. Unlike homes, you don’t have a fence or yard or even the outside to separate you from your neighbors. Living in an apartment building can really expose you to other people way of life. There’s this sense of knowing these people in an intimate way. You get to see what these people do on a daily basis and basically live with these people. Down hall can seem like living with your brother or sister in the same hall. You’re only separated by apartment doors. I find it interesting how you can really get to know someone living down the hall from you. And you don’t know who it’s gonna be. It’s totally unexpected and random and that adds a little exciting.



Apartments in Bangkok

Because this blog is about people and how extraordinary they are, I wanted to touch on the diversity of each and every one of us. I wanted to make it a point to look at how a group of people living so close together, like an apartment building, can be the perfect scenario for the wide range of people in this world. So I figured Apartments in Bangkok would be an appropriate name.

Hope you like it and I can’t wait to start posting about the amazing people!! You’re gonna love them!