The Legend of Kobe Bryant

This site is about people and how amazingly extraordinary we can all become. So it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the one and only Kobe Bryant, 5 time NBA champ of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now this post isn’t about debating whether Kobe is better than Michael Jordan or whether Kobe is the best player ever. It’s about Kobe Bryant’s level of commitment to his craft and the grind/work he puts into his profession each and every day. I’m posting this a few weeks after Bryant’s last game. He has retired from the NBA after 20 years of hard work and accomplishments. His achievements are so great that even NBA players envy and can only dream of these goals: ┬áNBA regular season MVP, 2-time NBA Finals MVP, 5-time NBA champion, 2-time scoring champion, 18-time NBA All-Star, 4-time NBA All-Star MVP,….the list goes on and on.

Kobe Bryant

The man was an absolute monster on the court. He would take over games and no one could figure out how to stop him. He was so much in the zone that it look like he was on another level compared to everyone else in the league. Bryant loved nothing more than to quiet a sold-out arena at away games. He thrived off of stepping on his opponent’s home court and take the breath out of the whole gym. Kobe fed off of that. His killer instinct gave other players and fans nightmares. Now we can sit here and go on and on about all his accomplishments he did under the big, bright lights that come from playing for the Hollywood Lakers. We can site here and go through all those major feats he accomplished. We can sit here and compare Kobe Bryant’s 81 point-game to Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points. All this is great stuff but the real purpose of this post is to show you what happens when you are obsessed.

There is no such thing as talent. Now before you curse me out and go on to the next random youtube video, hear me out. Let’s take a look at Kobe. We can all agree that he was amazing at playing basketball. But is that natural-born talent? HELL NO!! Kobe Bryant was obsessed with being the best. He was obsessed with practicing until perfection. The man had a work out regimen referred to at the 6-6-6 work out. He would workout 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 6 months out of the year. This is craziness even by NBA standards, but this is what Kobe did. Kobe knew that the only way to be the best was to practice relentlessly and become fully obsessed about training. On top of training, he would study film and study other past greats. He would study and train until he perfected everything he could. The guy would not stop until he was the best. He was obsessed with winning.

The hours of training he endured each and every game translated into the intensity he showed on the court. He knew no one worked as hard as he did and because of that, no one could stop him. Some players are known to have said that Kobe was a really tough player to play with. It can be expected that a player of his caliber would demand the best from his teammates night in and night out. For some people, this approach would seem really cold and threatening almost. For me, I would have loved to soak up all that intensity from Kobe every day. Having the knowledge and hustle rub off on me would be the greatest gift ever. I wrote this post to show my appreciation for Kobe Bryant, his amazing work ethic and undeniable intensity to be the best. May we all live with this intensity when we approach our work. Being obsessed like he was, but with your own craft, will lead to extraordinary break throughs and opportunities. So become obsessed….because that’s the best way to dominate your craft!

Kobe Bryant