About Page

This is my story page. So this is where you get to find out who I am. Seeing how this is the first time really throwing myself out there on the Internet (Facebook doesn’t count when I only have my close friends), I might be a little hesitant at first to tell you guys everything. Eventually I will open up though, in due time. The reason I started this page was because I was tired of seeing so much negativity on the new and on television, in general. So I’ve tried to stay away from the news as much as possible. But then I realized, not doing anything is just as bad as watching the negativity. Even though I was clearing my mind from all this, I wasn’t informing people about how bad the news is. I wasn’t letting people know that there’s so much good people do in the world that’s not portrayed on television. So I’m taking action. I’m taking action is spreading positive knowledge to all of you via the world wide web. I’m giving you hope in humanity after all. It can be hard to pick out the gold nuggets of positivity, but now you know EXACTLY where to find the great things people do around the world. I hope to help you guys feel a little better about what we can do for this world with a little positivity. And that’s what this whole site is going to be about. So be ready for all the love and beauty of the world.

See you guys later,